Karlie Kloss Just Added Another Line to Her Resumé, and It's a Good One

If you didn't love her before, get ready.

Karlie Kloss
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Is there anything the 22-year-old model/T-Swift squad member *can't* do? Apart from maybe excelling as a jockey or being comfortable in the economy section of an airplane, Kloss seems to pretty much kill it at everything—she's an amateur coder, a professional baker/entrepreneur, and a recent NYU enrollee. And now? The multi-hyphenate has started her very own YouTube channel, titled "Klossy." 

Before you shake your head, please note: 1) The first video is up and it's actually the most refreshing thing ever 2) You get to see her board of besties—including Cara Delevingne and 3) There are cookies involved, obviously.

"These are the things you didn't get to see before," Kloss says. "Like crazy things that happened on set. And the thrilling moments before I step out on the runway. I could not be more excited to share my story and this adventure with you."

Watch the first video and just try not to hit *subscribe*:

Samantha Leal
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