Amber Rose Rails Against Being "Dumbed Down" by a Men's Mag

"Really GQ??? I'm so much more then Kanye's ex or Wiz's baby mama."


Amber Rose is on a feminist crusade—you may have seen her recent SlutWalk efforts, or her badass "Walk of No Shame" video. And now that a feature in GQ has portrayed her in a sexist and "ignorant" way, she's biting back.

The words How to Be a Bad Bitch author took issue with appear right under the headline, introducing her as "Kanye's infamous ex" and "Wiz Khalifa's baby mama."

Weird considering they ran a whole profile exploring her life as a mother, feminist, defender of women's sexuality, and magnetic "bald-headed alien," but casual sexism happens, right? 

Keep doing the damn thing, Amber. 👊 


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