"I Thought I'd Dried Up": Why Adele's New Album Almost Didn't Happen

Today, we could have woken up to another day without new music. Just think about that.

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Before there was "Hello" and the resulting internet thirst for Adele's flip phone and her voluminous blowout and Michael Lee from The Wire (!!!), Adele was apparently off somewhere alone wondering if her Wishing Well of Creativity and Hit-Making™ had evaporated like the water on Mars.

BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans had the 27-year-old artist on his show on Friday, where she revealed the challenges of returning to songwriting after giving birth to her son Angelo, now 3.

"I was struggling to write my record, so it all slowed down," she said. "Obviously, I took a bit of time off because I became a mum. Then when I thought I was ready to start writing I wasn't. So I took some more time off. And then I was ready. So a couple of times I thought I'd dried up."

Right now, we're all like "HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD YOURSELF," but before that, Adele even considered "[going] out on a high," leaving her with an Oscar and 85 other awards and us with "Someone Like You."

Also, she said Angelo doesn't even like her music—he prefers "Row Row Row Your Boat"—so basically, she needs us too. To love Adele and be loved by Adele in return—that's really all there is. 

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