Sandra Bullock Plays Never Have I Ever, Admits She's Said Ugly Babies Are Cute Just to Be Nice

Also up for discussion: getting kicked out of bars and lying to cops.

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Besides scaring the crap out of people, one of Ellen's favorite things to do on her show is ask celebrities rather racy things in a not-so-tame game of Never Have I Ever. And because it's Ellen, they actually play along.

This time around, Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, and Anthony Mackie, stars of Our Brand Is Crisis, were all in the hot seats, as Ellen peppered them with questions about having sex on a beach, getting kicked out of bars, and lying to police officers. But perhaps the most egregious one?

"Never have I ever said a baby was cute when it was obviously ugly," Ellen prompts, and the paddles immediately go up. (Et tu, Ellen?) 

Watch the video below, where—bonus?—they also talk about Sandra's bum. 

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