Call Us Crazy but Adele Singing "Hello" with Tiny Instruments Is Maybe the Best Version Yet?

But seriously?

Jimmy Fallon does it again. In the latest of his "Classroom Instruments" series, an obviously not-at-all impressive Adele (sarcasm, folks) shows up to give us a new rendition of a little song you may or may not have heard of called "Hello", this time set to the music of tiny little kiddie instruments like a kazoo and mini xylophone. 

Performing with Jimmy and the Roots, the powerhouse singer accomplishes two things: 1) she makes her ballad, somehow, a bit more upbeat and 2) she makes Jimmy fall in love with her. (Just check out the :11 mark.) But the best part is definitely when Adele busts out the toy cellphone to answer a call. "Hello?" 

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