Call Us Crazy but Adele Singing "Hello" with Tiny Instruments Is Maybe the Best Version Yet?

But seriously?

Adele and Jimmy Fallon on his show
(Image credit: Getty)

Jimmy Fallon does it again. In the latest of his "Classroom Instruments" series, an obviously not-at-all impressive Adele (sarcasm, folks) shows up to give us a new rendition of a little song you may or may not have heard of called "Hello", this time set to the music of tiny little kiddie instruments like a kazoo and mini xylophone. 

Performing with Jimmy and the Roots, the powerhouse singer accomplishes two things: 1) she makes her ballad, somehow, a bit more upbeat and 2) she makes Jimmy fall in love with her. (Just check out the :11 mark.) But the best part is definitely when Adele busts out the toy cellphone to answer a call. "Hello?" 

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