David Bowie's Son Tweets About Lady Gaga's Grammys Tribute, Hides Disdain Behind Dictionary Definition

O for ouch.

Lady Gaga
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Taylor Swift v. Kanye West wasn't the only subtweeting going on at last night's Grammys—David Bowie's son Duncan Jones entered the fray Monday evening with an innocuous-seeming message that simultaneously can't really be taken as anything other than a dig at Lady Gaga's tribute to his late father.

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It's "gaga," Mr. Jones. The word you're looking for is "gaga," though you should probably know that considering you've copied its Oxford English Dictionary entry verbatim. In any case, the musician's Little Monsters are at this very moment defending their queen, who, it can be said, would have been criticized for honoring her idol no matter what. 

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