Emily Ratajkowski Wound Up Campaigning for Bernie Sanders by Accident

The actress/model/designer gets political.

Emily Ratajkowski
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Whether or not Bernie Sanders's supporters will still "feel the Bern" after the South Carolina primary is anybody's guess, but one thing's for sure: Sanders supporter Emily Ratajkowski sizzled at the Altuzarra show Saturday, despite NYC's record-breaking low temperatures.

The actress/model/designer made headlines last week when she appeared at a rally for the Democratic presidential candidate prior to the New Hampshire primary, wearing a pink sweater emblazoned with the name "Bernie." The media who were shocked that the "Blurred Lines" video model was getting political shouldn't have been surprised—Ratajkowski has been outspoken about her determination to be taken seriously as she pursues more substantial acting roles. And while the leap from starring opposite Ben Affleck in Gone Girl and Zac Efron in We Are Your Friends to political campaigning isn't necessarily an expected progression, Ratajkowski makes it clear that beauty and intelligence can coexist.

Marie Claire: How did you become a spokesperson for Bernie Sanders? Did he reach out to you or did you contact him?

Emily Ratajkowski: For Bernie, I was actually loudly talking about my political ideas one night and I happened to meet someone from his campaign who was able to connect me to them.

MC: Why did you decide to support him rather than Hillary?

ER: I guess it's just how I want to see this country run. I'm really sick of the "one percent" that is taking all the money from this country, draining the middle class, making it nonexistent. But aside from that, I also think that because Bernie is not tied up with any interests, whether private or corporate, that he is able to make changes that I'd really like to see, whereas Hillary is not.

MC: Gloria Steinem recently said that she believes young women are supporting Sanders because "the boys are with Bernie." What was your reaction?

ER: I said "I'm not here for the boys." I'm here because I support Bernie Sanders. For me, I want a president who is more than a symbol, someone who has ideas that I align with.

MC: Madeleine Albright, in supporting Hillary Clinton, has said that "there is a special place in hell for women who don't support other women." If she were here, what would you say to her?

ER: I think it's the same thing. I think that it's too bad that they don't realize that in some ways, the feminist ideal has been reached. We're able to choose our candidate not based on gender or sex or anything else other than their ideas.

MC: Is it possible to be both a sex symbol and a feminist?

ER: I think so. 

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