Emily Blunt Is Disney's New Mary Poppins, Life Is Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus

Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda is co-starring. 🙏

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Mary Poppins is getting the sequel treatment at Disney (oh hey, Mary Poppins Returns!), which—let's be real—could go one of two ways:

1. A total childhood ruining failure that will send us to therapy due to Disney-induced disappointment that cannot be cured with spoonfuls, let alone bucketfuls, of sugar.

2. A total success that has Julie Andrews weeping with joy.

Fortunately, some seriously amazing casting decisions appear to be moving things in the direction of No. 2. Emily Blunt has been chosen as the film's titular character, while Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda will play a street lamplighter named Jack. It's all coming together, guys!

The film takes place in Depression-era London, and centers on the grown-up Banks children calling on Mary Poppins and her buddy Jack to "help them rediscover the joys and excitement within the magic of life."

Ugh, sounds so good. We'll just be over here waiting all:


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