Backstreet Boys Announce New Album, Because Apparently They're Still a Band?

It's a '90s dream come true!

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Everybody rock your body, because Backstreet's back, alright! Though, did they ever really leave? Apparently not.

Because they're the gift that keeps on giving, the '90s boy band took it to Instagram to announce their impending album, and guys? It's out this August. Just two months from now! 

The band hasn't released music sine 2013's In a World Like This (anyone? anyone?), but they recently gifted humanity a Zombie Western (opens in new tab), so really, we should have seen this coming.

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By the way, please note that Brian Littrell used the acronym FGL in his Instagram caption. This could be a reference (opens in new tab) to musical duo Florida Georgia Line, which could therefore mean that BSB is going country. Is this is the best thing to happen to our collective lives? Rhetorical question, becuase absolutely.

Get ready for this, but with cowboy hats:

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