Katy Perry Walks the Red Carpet with Quinoa in Her Teeth, Still Looks Amazing

Katy Perry walked the red carpet with food in her teeth. See the photo here.

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Katy Perry and her new haircut stepped out at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday night, and—in a *extremely* relatable fashion—the pop star had a bunch of quinoa all up in her teeth.

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(Image credit: Archives)

It's truly a moment that will go down in pop culture history, not to mention a GREAT branding moment for the quinoa industry, who—let's be real—probably need all the positive press they can get given the fact that they aren't pizza.

And don't worry, Katy Perry was fully aware of the incident, and managed to poke fun of herself while requesting new applications for friends who tell her when she has a mouth full of food.

Lesson learned? WE ARE ALL KATY PERRY.

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