Rihanna's 'Bates Motel' Shower Scene Had the Most Rihanna-Like Twist Ever

"Screw this sh*t."

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For reasons no one fully understands, Rihanna is serving cameo goals inBates Motel—a show about young Norman Bates from Psycho. And yes, she recreated the iconic shower scene in Monday's episode.

The thing is, Rihanna didn't pull a Marion Crane and die a gruesome death. Instead she took her shower, was all "screw this sh*t" and left like a true badass who's in control of her own fate.



"Rihanna was great," director Phil Abraham told Entertainment Weekly. "We had her for a very limited time, and she had a serious amount of heavy lifting in terms of work and page count to do. I think we shot over 38 pages with her being in just about everything in five days. One of the most fun things was to see what a die-hard fan of the show she was—walking her through our main house set was a blast as she was literally freaking out and having a real fan attack. That was a lot of fun to see."

Watch the full scene below, courtesy of a random Twitter fan who really went all out in her Rihanna on Bates Motel coverage.

FYI, the show did have a death—Marion's boyfriend, Sam Loomis (played by Austin Nichols) ended up being slashed in the shower, so phew. Hardcore Psycho fans can rest easy.

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