Feel Free to Lose All Chill, Because Ryan Gosling Stepped Out in a Texas Tuxedo

And then posed for a picture with Jon Hamm. (!!)

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When you think of the Texas Tuxedo and Hollywood, you probably think of this beautiful/terrifying moment between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2001:

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And now, Ryan Gosling is walking in the footsteps of his denim-on-denim forefathers, wearing the look to a photo call this week for Blade Runner 2049. Basically, if you woke up this morning wanting to see photos of Ryan Gosling in a Texas Tuxedo, today is truly your day:

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And if you happened to wake up this morning wanting to see photos of Ryan Gosling standing next to Jon Hamm, you're our kind of woman, and also you're psychic and should start predicting the future for a living, because:

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