People Keep Flying Over Ryan Phillippe's House Because They Think He's Dating Katy Perry, and He's *Not* Here for It

All-caps mini Twitter rant right this way.

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For reasons that are best chalked up to "LOL, the internet," everyone has suddenly decided that Katy Perry is rebounding from her recent breakup with none other than actor Ryan Phillippe. Who you might remember as the guy who stole your heart in Cruel Intentions.

Apparently, Ryan and Katy were spotted "totally flirting" at Elton John's 70th birthday party back in March (nothing says passion like a 70th b-day bash), and the paparazzi just kinda went with it. By which we mean helicopters keep circling Ryan's house thirsty for a snap of Katy.


Of course, no offense to Katy Perry was meant—Ryan's just trying to stave off the "low flying pervs."

File under: LOL.

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