10 Movies You Forgot Selena Gomez Was In

Warning: this list may cause you to enter an early aughts throwback spiral which you may never come out of.

Selena Gomez. Ultimate cool girl. Creator of Netflix's viral sensation 13 Reasons Why. Person who is so deeply over being associated with Justin Bieber. And, star of Monte CarloPrincess Protection Program, and Another Cinderella Story.

You see, back in the days of yore Selena worked for Disney. Most people know she starred in Witches of Waverly Place before making the jump to Spring Breakers (the least Disney movie ever), but she also starred in several gems along the way. Like....

Despite the fact that this came out in 2016, chances are you have no idea what it is. Right? Well, it's directed by James Franco, based on a John Steinbeck novel, and stars Selena as a pregnant lady. And yes, she 100 percent has a labor scene. #memories

'The Fundamentals of Caring' (2016)

Tragically no one cared too much about this movie, but it was very good. That said, not as good as Another Cinderella Story.

'Neighbors 2' (2016)

She played a sorority president. Enough said.

'The Big Short' (2015)

She played herself—because nobody is better at being Selena than Selena. Here she is explaining collateralized debt.

'Behaving Badly' (2014)

A film involving a sex bet, teenagers, bad decisions, and lots of swear words.

'Getaway' (2013)

OMG, remember when Selena and Ethan Hawke were in a car chase movie together? Now you do.

'Monte Carlo' (2011)

Otherwise known as the best movie of our time about a girl being mistaken for a British heiress (happens to the best of us). Also Selena uses something approximating a British accent.

'Princess Protection Program' (2009)

About a princess (played by Demi Lovato, whattup!) who has to go into hiding and befriend a mere commoner once her country gets invaded. Ugh hate when that happenssssss.

'Another Cinderella Story' (2008)

PSA: this film has a truly iconic dancing sequence that's not to be missed.

'Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire' (2005)


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