These Photos of Justin Trudeau Building a Pillow Fort Will Make Your Heart Melt into a Puddle

Unleash your inner child, Trudeau! Feel the rain on your skin!

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CBC Kids Facebook / Adam Scotti

Justin Trudeau is a very busy man, what with legalizing weed, wearing pajamas adorably, and celebrating women every chance he gets. But he managed to find time in his schedule to build a pillow fort, like a small child, and—coincidentally—with a small child.

The Canadian Prime Minister teamed up with a 5-year-old girl named Bella (who was being "Prime Minister for the Day"), and they decided to build a fort together in his office.

Which naturally involved Trudeau taking apart his couch:

CBC Kids Facebook / Adam Scotti

Grabbing an on-theme blanket:

CBC Kids Facebook / Adam Scotti

And being all 😃:

CBC Kids Facebook / Adam Scotti

Heartstrings = tugged.

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