Paris Jackson Doesn't Get Why Everyone's Making Such a Big Deal About Cultural Appropriation

Apparently she thinks it's just fine.

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"Cultural appropriation" is a phrase that's come up a lot in 2017 (mostly in the same breath as the Kardashians, ahem). Which makes sense, because when non-marginalized groups of people adopt the clothing, hair, or beauty traditions of another culture (especially a marginalized culture) and capitalize on it, that's a problem. But some people don't get what all the fuss is about, and apparently Paris Jackson is one of these people.

Jackson hit social media to make it pretty clear that she thinks concerns about cultural appropriation are off base, dropping the following series of tweets:

Not to be preachy, but appropriation is a problem because too often people aren't simply paying homage to another culture. Especially white people, the most privileged demo in the USA, who have a pesky habit of adopting beauty traditions of marginalized groups and acting like they're doing something groundbreaking in the process. Interestingly, Katy Perry recently apologized for her own appropriation of Japanese culture, so let's go ahead and let her explain why paying homage can be damaging, even if the intentions are good:

"Even in my intention to appreciate Japanese culture, I did it wrong with a performance. And I didn't know that I did it wrong until I heard people saying I did it wrong. And, sometimes that's what it takes—is it takes someone to say, out of compassion and out of love, 'Hey, this is where the origin you understand?' And not just a clap-back, because it's hard to hear those clap-backs sometimes, and your ego wants to turn from them."

In conclusion: appropriating other people's cultures usually isn't a great look.

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