Duo Turns Tables on Sexist 'Bro Country' Stereotypes in Hilarious Video

Singer-songwriter duo Maddie & Tae didn't pull any punches for their very first single. Maddie Marlow, 19, and Tae Dye, 18, took direct aim at "Bro Country" superstars like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton.

"Girl in a Country Song" points out the sexist tropes that dominate modern country music. The Country Girl of the Country Bro's affection wears bikini tops and sits in the passenger seat of her guy's pickup, only existing for the Bro to whistle at her and yell, "hey girl."

The song immediately destroys that image with lyrics like "I wish I had some shoes on my two bare feet / And it's getting pretty cold in these painted-on cutoff jeans."

And the video goes even further. The duo pulls a lever on a "Role Reversal" box, and the country bros become the country girls, wearing next to nothing and dancing seductively in the middle of a farm.

Despite the strong words (or perhaps because of them), the duo insists they don't mean any disrespect to the wildly successful artists they skewer. "It's just a trend that kind of became irresponsible in its view of women, so we wanted to come at it from our perspective," they told NPR. But as the song rapidly gets added to country stations across the U.S., the bros had better watch their backs.

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