We Had a Body-Language Expert Analyze Pictures of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston—Here's What She Discovered

That posture does not lie, people.

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Ever since Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were seen kissing atop a rocky outcrop in Rhode Island, the internet has obsessed over the legitimacy of their relationship. Is it a PR stunt? Are they filming a secret music video? Or are they just two romantics who found love in a hopeless place? We spoke to body-language and lie-detection expert Blanca Cobb, who analyzed Hiddleswift based on their subtle body-language cues. "I look and see what stands out to me, what looks different," Cobb told us. "If you're putting a puzzle together, what's the missing piece?" Keep scrolling to find out.

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New York City: May 2


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Taylor and Tom were first seen together at the Met Gala, where they danced up a nerdy storm. Taylor was still dating Calvin Harris at the time, but fear not: her body language with Tom wasn't giving off romance vibes. "They're having fun, they're dancing side by side, there's not much eye contact," says Cobb. "They're parallel dancing, but not with each other. I don't see a lot of togetherness here."

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Rhode Island: July 4


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This is technically a posed photo (in that someone presumably said "say cheese!"), but Hiddleswift's body language screams candid romance. "When romantic partners' foreheads touch each other, that's a level of intimacy," Cobb says. "You're really getting close and into each other's intimate space. Her legs are draped over his and you can see in the posture of her feet that she's relaxed. They're both comfortable."

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Rhode Island: June 15


Behold: Taylor and Tom's most intimate moment—and one that's (ironically) the most speculated upon. Check out Tom's legs...see how they're wrapped around Taylor's entire body? Cobb has some thoughts on that: "His legs are wrapped around her waist, a protective and very dominant posture. Think about the level of trust and comfort she had to have in order to allow that. This is a very comfortable, genuine, intimate moment between the two of them."

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Australia: July 9
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Here's where things get super interesting. While both Taylor and Tom are smiling, Blanca points out that they're using a polite social smile: "We don't see crinkling of the eyes, or cheekbones lifted, which are the tell-tale signs of a genuine authentic smile." Not a huge deal since Tom was smiling at a waiting paparazzi, but what's particularly notable here is that Tom's taking on a traditionally dominant role. "He's walking a little ahead—this is, in my opinion, a sign of polite dominance," Cobb explains. "A man who wants to take care of his girlfriend. And for a woman like Taylor Swift, who's very powerful and holds her own very well, it's nice for her to show her vulnerability."

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