Prince Harry Shows "A Lot of Suppressed Anger and Frustration" in Interview Trailers, Body Language Expert Says

He seems far from happy.

Prince Harry
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For royal fans, no news is quite so exciting right now as Prince Harry's upcoming memoir, Spare, and the two accompanying interviews he will be giving ahead of the book release.

We have now seen trailers and clips from both interviews, for 60 Minutes and for ITV, and there sure is a lot to unpack.

Here, a body language expert tells Marie Claire what was left unsaid in the explosive videos we've seen so far.

"In the clip of the upcoming ITV interview, Harry is talking about reconciling with his family," Darren Stanton says on behalf of Slingo.

"His telltale signs that he tends to exhibit are chin thrusts, which we often see from athletes like boxers and other sportspeople. It’s meant to denote power, arrogance, and being resolute in what they are saying."

It looks like the Duke of Sussex is really angry about the situation with his family, according to the expert.

"Reading his emotion, he was expressing anger and we know this because his eyebrows were being pulled together, his eyes were squinting and his lips were pursed," Stanton explains.

"This is telling us he is very unhappy about the current situation and he maintains eye contact with interviewer Tom Bradby which denotes that he is deadly serious about protecting Meghan."

As to any clues on whether Harry can reconcile with his father and brother, the trailer leaves Stanton decidedly on the fence.

"It’s clear that Harry seems to genuinely want a reconciliation with his father and brother; however, he is also deeply unhappy about how certain information appears to have been allegedly 'leaked' from the palace," the expert says.

"He seems to be at the end of his tolerance level with how the media treats Meghan and now wants to settle all of the upset."

We're getting a LOT of Prince Harry content in the coming days, including a second interview in the U.S., a preview of which has been released and which Stanton also commented on.

"We also see much of these traits in the preview of Harry speaking with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes," he says.

"He has a lot of suppressed anger and frustration at not being able to voice his opinion until now. Harry’s face becomes red, which continues to demonstrate he has had an emotional shift internally to that of anger.

"He also wants to keep his distance by maintaining a sense of formality which we see through his language when referring to Meghan as my wife. This minimizes familiarity, which contrasts with the more private depiction we saw of the pair in their Netflix documentary."

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