Prince Harry Says Meghan Markle Looked "Heart-Attack Beautiful" on Their First Date

Love at first sight?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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In Harry & Meghan on Netflix, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed that the now-Duke of Sussex was late to their first date, which almost put her off before she realized he really hadn't meant to be late.

A month later, Prince Harry's Spare went into detail about his first date with his wife, and it really is very sweet.

"Red-cheeked, puffing, sweaty, half an hour late, I ran into the restaurant, into the quiet room, and found her sitting at a small area on a low velvet sofa in front of a low coffee table," he wrote (via People).

"She was wearing a black sweater, jeans, heels. I knew nothing about clothes, but I knew she was chic. Then again, she could make anything look chic.

"I'd seen so many photos of her from fashion shoots and TV sets, all glam and glossy, but here she was, in the flesh, no frills, no filter… and even more beautiful. Heart-attack beautiful. I was trying to process this, struggling to understand what was happening to my circulatory and nervous systems, and as a result my brain couldn't handle any more data. Conversation, pleasantries, the Queen's English, all became a challenge."

Eventually, though, the two began to speak of everything and realized they had so much in common.

"The initial awkwardness was gone, the warmth from our texting returned," the duke recalled.

"We'd each had first dates on which there was nothing to talk about, and now we both felt that special thrill when there's too much to talk about, when there isn't enough time to say all that needs to be said.

"But speaking of time… ours was up."

He concluded, "Compared to her, Cinderella was the queen of long goodbyes." LOL, what an image.

Anyway, all's well that ends well, since this first date turned into many more dates, a wedding, and two children.

Sadly, the Sussexes' relationship with the rest of the Royal Family are a dark spot in that happy landscape these days, though royal insiders are apparently hoping for a swift reconciliation ahead of King Charles' coronation on May 6. We shall see.

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