Prince William "Just Does Not Trust" Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Royal Insider Says

We're not out of the woods yet...

Prince William, Princess Catherine, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry at Windsor
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Princes William and Harry may have, like, spoken a bit in the past few weeks, but they're nowhere near to bringing their relationship back to where it was a handful of years ago.

"After the Queen died, both brothers understood that they had to put personal feelings aside for the sake of their grandmother," a royal insider told The Sun.

Prince Harry was allowed to come to Balmoral (though he was separated in many ways), then Prince William invited him and Meghan Markle on a joint walkabout in Windsor with Princess Kate. The two couples allegedly shared a private dinner, and the Duke of Sussex was included in funeral proceedings.

But just because they joined forces for Queen Elizabeth's sake doesn't mean they're friends again.

"Both men have tried but, on William’s side, he just does not trust his brother or sister-in-law," the insider continued.

"How can he have frank conversations with Harry when he is worried one or the other will misinterpret what’s said, take offence and/or talk about it publicly?

"This inevitably means that Harry was shut out from much of the business of state with William and Charles in the days after the Queen’s death. Their view is that Harry chose this path and so cannot be involved."

But the grievances go both ways, and Harry doesn't feel he owes anyone an apology right now, apparently.

"From Harry’s point of view, he still wants an admission from both the family and the 'men in grey suits,' as he calls them, that he and his wife were wronged," the source added.

"He doesn’t trust the institution and has repeatedly said he felt stifled and, towards the end, persecuted.

"He has really struggled these past few weeks, and has felt he’s done his duty to support his father.

"Yet the debacle over uniforms and reception invitations has really not helped and has just reinforced his sense of loss and inferiority. He felt as if he was being punished by the Firm."

It's been made clear in many ways that Harry is no longer a full-fledged royal: For example, he was only allowed to wear military uniform for one of the events following the Queen's death, and Charles is allegedly waiting for the Sussexes' media projects to be released before he decides whether their children (Archie and Lilibet) can use their "prince" and "princess" titles.

I really need an intervention from that lady who "doesn't even go here" in Mean Girls right about now.

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