Prince William and Prince Harry Were "Literally Best Friends" Before "Fallout," Former Royal Butler Says


Charles, William & Harry Photocall In Balmoral
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I find it deeply upsetting that Prince William and Prince Harry don't seem to be seeing eye to eye these days, and it looks like I'm not the only one.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold, who worked for Prince Charles but got to know the young princes well during his tenure, says that they used to be super close, and that it saddens him that they've grown so far apart. He remembers being shocked when he found out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex really were leaving their royal lives, and both they and the Royal Family made it official via a pair of statements.

"I was speaking to journalists, saying, 'this isn’t true, this is nonsense it will all be a fabrication,'" Harrold tells

"But it was only when the statements came out I remember sitting there thinking, 'what the hell is going on?' because these were two guys that were close. They were best pals, so I find it sad that two guys who were literally best friends suddenly went through this fallout.

"With families, I don’t know how you come back from something like that happening. It’s possible, but with fallouts it can be really difficult to patch it."

Still, Harrold believes that Charles hasn't given up on his youngest son and his wife.

"I thought it was good that King Charles gave that statement after his mother’s death when he offered the olive branch to Meghan and Harry by talking about them," he says.

"So in his eyes, they are very much part of his family, I believe that.

"They may not be working members of the Royal Family, but I have no doubt he sees them as part of the family, that’s a fact."

Now let's just hope William and Harry can find their way back to each other.

Iris Goldsztajn
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