Princess Kate Won't "Outshine Camilla" With Coronation Outfit, Royal Expert Says

It's the Queen's big day.

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Of all the royal women, it's Princess Kate's fashion choices that prompt the most ink to spill.

But while the Princess of Wales knows how to take the spotlight when she needs to, she also knows when it's more appropriate to opt for discretion—and King Charles and Queen Camilla's coronation will be one of those times.

Royal historian Tessa Dunlop told OK! that, whatever Kate opts to wear at the historic event, her outfit won't "overtake or outshine Camilla," who will be crowned alongside her husband on the day.

"I wouldn't be surprised if there is an element of ceremonial dress, certainly it will be very thought through and signed off with what Camilla wears," Dunlop said of Kate's potential outfit.

"I’m sure there will be a level of coordination with Camilla and other senior royals to make sure that she doesn't just look beautiful. This isn't just a pretty frock, it’s a ceremonial outfit, in keeping with her position within the line of succession, which is the next Queen Consort."

The expert went on to describe what she means by "ceremonial."

She said, "I’m sure it’ll be quite ceremonial, I’m sure there will be decorative sashes and jewelry that speak to her position and her line of succession, it will be coordinated.

"It won’t overtake or outshine Camilla because that wouldn’t be in keeping with the line of succession, but it will be coordinated."

Dunlop isn't the first to hypothesize about what the princess might wear to the big event. Celebrity stylist Miranda Holder previously claimed, "She’s going to wear an incredible gown. My money is on either a Packham, or a McQueen, as they seem to be the two she ends to turn to for these occasions."

Meanwhile, Kate herself gave us a clue as to what she'll be wearing. She apparently told TV personality Alison Hammond, "There is a hint of blue." Just under two weeks until we find out exactly how this blue factors in!!!

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