What Will Princess Kate Wear to the Coronation? A Royal Fashion Expert Weighs In

Can't wait to see her look!

Catherine, Princess of Wales during the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace on November 22, 2022 in London, England. This is the first state visit hosted by the UK with King Charles III as monarch, and the first state visit here by a South African leader since 2010.
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Princess Kate has firmly established herself as a royal fashion icon since joining the Royal Family in 2011.

Her carefully selected outfits and accessories always make headlines every time the Princess of Wales steps out for an official engagement, but exponentially so when that engagement is a formal event in the royal calendar.

That's why many royal fans are excited to see what Kate and her styling team might cook up for King Charles' upcoming coronation on May 6.

While we won't know until we see it, one royal fashion expert has placed her bets.

"She’s going to wear an incredible gown. My money is on either a Packham, or a McQueen, as they seem to be the two she ends to turn to for these occasions," stylist Miranda Holder told Express.

For context, the princess wore a McQueen dress for her wedding, and a Jenny Packham for a recent state dinner.

"She’ll definitely have it modified to suit her, that is something they often do, is they’ll take a design and then make it even more modest so that Kate fits the bill of our demure future Queen," Holder continued.

"What is interesting is in terms of how much she is going to stand out, how bright her outfit will be, or if she is going to tone in and hold back a bit like she did at Commonwealth Day in her royal navy, which was pulled back and so the emphasis was away from her."

On that occasion, Kate wore a peplum jacket and matching skirt by Erdem.

The British Royal Family Attend Annual Commonwealth Day Service

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Holder further speculated as to whether Kate will go for a discreet or flashier look on the big day.

"I’m in two minds because obviously, this is absolutely all about Charles but equally, she is the poster girl of the Royal Family, and she has been positioned as the next Queen, so I suspect she will coordinate with Camilla," she said.

While one expert previously speculated that Kate wouldn't wear a tiara at all for the coronation, Holder doesn't seem to be questioning that she will. Instead, she shared that she has some idea as to which royal tiara the princess will opt for. "My money is probably on the Lover’s Knot tiara, but to be honest I would love to see something a little bit different from her," she said. Whatever she's comfortable in is fine by me!

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