Korto Momolu on Episode 4 of Project Runway, Season Six

Season five finalist and fan favorite Korto Momolu recaps the latest episode of Project Runway, season 6.

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Recapping the first episode is season five finalist and fan favorite Korto Momolu. Be sure to check out Korto's website, kortomomolu.com!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


How hard can it be to make dresses out of aluminum foil? Ooops, my bad that wasn't the challenge. Instead the challenge was to make a industry party dress (out of regular store bought fabric) for models (using them as the clients) with a 100 dollar budget. NO TWISTS ? NO TURNS? At some point I think, maybe the designers will have to go to shop at mood blind folded.....not a chance. Just a regular old challenge so here are the highs and lows.

Models-get a style magazine and get some fashion sense. They were all over the place with these design ideas. When they're not modelling don't they wear clothes?

Carol Hannah- I get the " Ya'll" honey. This look was chic and sexy and a girl like me would totally rock it hips curves and all. This southern belle knows her stuff and I peg her top 6 possibly 3.

Epperson- I totally could relate to that phone call with the kids. People have no idea the sacrifices we make as parents...tear jerker moment for me.... Well great job, the look was hot without being slutty and the details were a good added touch. Not sure if epperson is top 6 but if he keeps this up he may just be.

Johnny-step up your game man or your next on the bus ride back home.

Logan-good looks go a long way but I think your luck will run out soon, step it up and get it together or you'll be sitting right next to johnny on that bus.

Qrystal- Oh girl, what can I say...I thought your style was your own but I knew nobody would get it. NEVER let Tim Gunn(I do love u to death Tim but its intervention time) never ever ever let him talk you out of your original design. If you learn nothing from me, learn to go with your gut! The first dress was more interesting! All the best, great attitude and I know I'll see that full size line out soon.

Althea- already pegged as a top 3 contender. This girl knows her stuff. The look, I agreed was a winner. It was what her model wanted and it was executed well. If there was a booty friendly version of the look I would definitely rock it...sigh... A girl can only dream.

Well the episode was really blah for me. Let's step up these challenges people! Car parts, veggies, drag queens...anything with a few twists will do. Designers.....I am not really fully intrigued yet...faves Ra'Mon and Althea. Good luck and hope next week challenge doesn't have me falling asleep again.