Royal Fans Are Loving the Resemblance Between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte

The Cambridges’ new Christmas card has people obsessed with the similarities.

It’s a beloved holiday tradition for fans of the Royal Family to pore over every detail of their Christmas cards, especially when they involve never-before-seen photos of future monarchs. This year is certainly no different. When Prince William and Kate Middleton released the photo gracing their 2021 Christmas card, people saw a happy portrait of a smiling family on holiday, featuring Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3 surrounding their parents. 

“Delighted to share a new image of the family, which features on this year’s Christmas card,” the official @KensingtonRoyal account shared on Dec.10. 

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There’s so much to unpack in the photo, like the fact that the Cambridges were photographed in Jordan, on a previously unannounced family holiday earlier this year, and the way that Kate and William are casually affectionate—touching each others’ legs—in a way that’s uncharacteristic of the normally buttoned-up couple. But eagle-eyed fans are seeing something else in the photograph: a striking resemblance between Princess Charlotte and a young Queen Elizabeth.

“Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth! She’s her double,” @JoyBrewis tweeted

“Beautiful family… Princess Charlotte is looking so much like her great grandmother Queen Elizabeth,” @AndreaLW10 said.

“I really think Princess Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth,” @MaidenNZ58 said.

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Queen Elizabeth in 1952.

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 “What a handsome family,” said @jmcgrath531. “You can really see Queen Elizabeth in Princess Charlotte.”

Many of the reactions are coming from around the globe, from people who have been watching the little royals grow up. “Is it me, or is Charlotte a mini Queen Elizabeth?” @MrsMLG923 said. “I'm not British, but I just love seeing pics of these beautiful children. It reminds me of how old I am since I always loved seeing pics of William and Harry growing up too.”

Some people are also commenting on how much the eldest son of the Cambridges looks like his father, too. “Prince George is looking more like his papa Prince William,” @IreneCanalesie said, “While Princess Charlotte is looking like Queen Elizabeth!”


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In contrast to the Cambridges' posed photo, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles released a candid shot for their 2021 Christmas card, featuring the senior Royal couple at Royal Ascot in June. In the image, Charles is wearing a mask with his tuxedo, and is helping Camilla put her mask on. 

The Queen, who sends a reported 750 Christmas cards every year, hasn’t yet released hers this year. 

Last year, Harry and Meghan released an illustration of the couple with Archie and the family pets. The Sussexes haven’t yet released their 2021 Christmas card. 

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