Rod Stewart Feels No Loyalty Towards Fellow Brit Ed Sheeran: "I Don’t Know Any of His Songs”

"Old ginger bollocks."

Rod Stewart and Ed Sheeran.
Rod Stewart and Ed Sheeran.
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Well, it seems like the Brits aren't getting along. Rod Stewart recently did an in-depth interview with The Times, where he discussed writing timeless classics, his new swing album, and even a touch of politics. He also took a moment to share his dislike of a fellow British musician, Ed Sheeran.

When asked by the interviewer, Jonathan Dean, whether timeless classics "that will be played in 5 years" are still being made, Stewart referenced his own song, "Maggie May."

He had one artist in mind, but couldn't quite remember his name, and said, "“I like whatshisname. Oh f***ing great, Rod. Well done. He’s British, really talented and his songs will be around."

Dean asked if Stewart was referencing Sheeran, which was not the case.

“No, not Ed, I don’t know any of his songs, old ginger bollocks."


Rod Stewart "Christmas By Starlite" 2023 Concert.

Rod Stewart during his "Christmas By Starlite" concert in 2023.

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Considering Sheeran has landed seven straight No. 1 albums on the charts, and you can't enter a grocery store without hearing “Shape of You” or “Thinking Out Loud,” this is quite a surprise. Although, we suppose Stewart isn't really entering Target nowadays.

Who was Stewart thinking of? It turned out to be George Ezra, best known globally for his breakout hit, "Budapest."

Stewart further said, "I think he writes really tremendous songs,” Stewart said about Ezra. “He’ll be around for quite a while.”

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