Rosalía Rocks This Playfully Goth Schoolgirl Look

Double-headed teddy bears AND a pizza?

Rosalía in NYC
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Rosalía has low-key always been a cool (goth) girl, and it's not just because of the studded beret she was spotted wearing while picking up a pizza out in New York on Christmas Eve.

If you didn't at least contemplate a goth girl phase at some point, you're probably lying to yourself. I mean, who among us hasn't felt the overwhelming feelings of anger, rage, and sadness that seem at the forefront of the teenage emotional experience and contemplated expressing it in our everyday dress? Over time, that feeling becomes a state of being, which then becomes a vibe, and—poof! Wait, I mean, hiss!—a goth era is born.

Wearing what we'd venture to call a signature item for her—Rosalía wore this very beret on her episode of Hot Ones—the singer paired her prickly headpiece with a black, schoolgirl-inspired skirt, a ribbed gray sweater to complement her heather gray, cable knit sweater sock-inspired boots, and a playfully subversive double-headed teddy bear backpack.

Rosalía in NYC

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The backpack—definitely our favorite detail in an outfit awash with fantastic details—is from the Heaven by Marc Jacobs capsule collection, and is extremely hard to come by if our internet sleuthing is to be believed.

But we also cannot help but connect some dots here: a bear backpack...hmm. Rosalía's new rumored boyfriend, Jeremy Allen White, is on a show called The Bear where he makes food...(of which pizza is!)!! Could it be a sign? A gift? A clothing item with some sort of deeper, significant meaning? Or have we all been reading (and writing) about Taylor Swift too much and now we only see pop stars as the potential clues they are giving us?

Either way: it's a cute 'fit, Rosalía!

Alicia Lutes
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