Meghan Markle's Political Ambitions Could Prove Really Thorny for Her Personal Life and Career, Expert Says

Still, nobody goes into politics 'cause it's easy.

Meghan Markle at the 2023 Invictus Games
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Meghan Markle has been sparking rumors she could run for office since 2020, when she and Prince Harry first moved to Southern California.

Though the Duchess of Sussex herself has never addressed such rumors, it's certainly not beyond the scope of possibility for her next move. Of course, though, a Senate run would not be a decision for the duchess to take lightly, and it could come with many challenges both for her personal life and for her career—as pointed out by entertainment commentator Mark Boardman.

"The Sussexes have a very strong relationship with the Kennedys and some powerful names such as Oprah Winfrey. If Meghan were to enter politics, it would be as a young senator, which could be seen as a positive career progression as it would allow leverage in her status, connections, and political influence," Boardman explained to OK!.

Meghan Markle at the 2023 Invictus Games

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The expert foresees several issues, the first being how a Senate run might affect her public image, or vice-versa.

"Transitioning from a high-profile actress and member of the Royal Family might prove challenging. Meghan would need to adapt to a whole new set of responsibilities and expectations. She’s known for her creativity and assertiveness, and I believe she might struggle," Boardman said.

The second problem the expert foresees is the impact of political responsibilities on Meghan's family life.

"The most significant strain would likely be on her marriage to Harry. The constant media attention and demanding work hours would be unlike anything Meghan has experienced in some time," he said.

"Realistically, she would have to work twice as hard to establish credibility, which takes time. This could impact her relationships, especially if her political views clash with the Senate or indeed Harry’s own values."

Last but certainly not least, a political career would drive a further wedge between the Sussexes and the royals, since members of the Firm are supposed to be politically neutral at all times.

"There’s a royal code that says you don’t comment on politics and you shouldn’t put anyone in a bad light," Boardman observed.

"Meghan would be going against nearly every single royal code of conduct and could cause major security issues, so Harry could steer her away from it. It’s so unsafe. Meghan is very outspoken and strong-willed and that could upset a lot of people."

Last week, Marie Claire reported that Meghan could be a potential replacement for California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who died on Sept. 29 at the age of 90.

"Meghan is definitely a long shot, but in the craziness that is U.S. politics these days, it’s not an impossibility," a major Democratic donor said. "Crazier things have happened."

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