Prince Harry Allegedly "Put an End" to Meghan Markle's Memoir Plans

He apparently wants to build bridges with the royals.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during a rare joint speech
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Prince Harry releasing his memoir Spare almost completely squandered any hopes the Duke of Sussex had of reconciling with the Royal Family, and it sounds like he's determined not to let something like that happen again.

Rumors that Meghan Markle wished to write a memoir of her own have been swirling around for months, culminating recently in incendiary royal expert Tom Bower claiming that such a "tell-all" book would be imminent. It was reported that Meghan wanted to "set the record straight" through this would-be opus.

However, a new source has spoken to OK! about all of this, assuring us that Harry is not on board with a new memoir from the Sussex camp.

"Harry has openly spoken about having enough material to write a follow-up to Spare, but those plans have been scrapped," the source said.

"He’s also put an end to Meghan’s book. The move didn’t go down well with Meghan at first, but there now seems to be a clear vision for how the Sussexes intend to build bridges with the Royal Family."

As far as we know, Harry is not currently speaking to older brother Prince William, although he and Meghan reportedly reached out to Princess Kate while she was in hospital this month. Still, the beginnings of a reconciliation with King Charles were seen in November, when Harry called his dad for his birthday and their conversation was deemed successful.

King Charles and Prince Harry at a royal engagement

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Royal expert Duncan Larcombe also spoke to OK!, supporting the argument that a second Sussex memoir would be a bad idea.

"It would cause more angst, if indeed that’s even possible," he said. "Spare made lots of money, but what it cost Harry personally was big.

"Another account would be a considerable spanner in the works during a time that he is said to hope to heal the rift with his family. In particular, the clash between Meghan and Kate is still live and is a thorny issue. There’s bad blood on both sides, so this would only fuel it."

Larcombe also agreed that 2024 may be the year for peace between royals on both sides of the Atlantic. "It’s likely that Harry is now in the mindset of trying to build bridges," he added. "A new year could hopefully provide a time of healing." Here's hoping!

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