Princess Kate's Outfit for the Queen's Memorial Service Showed William "She's Here by His Side," Says Expert

So lovely.

Kate Middleton at the memorial service for Queen Elizabeth's one year anniversary
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As they mourned Queen Elizabeth II one year on this past Friday, Prince William and Princess Kate were staunchly by each other's side for emotional support and strength.

As is her M.O., the Princess of Wales also used her choice of outfit to send poignant messages, including wearing diamond and pearl earrings which the late Queen wore for her Silver Jubilee in 1977.

The princess also wore the same burgundy coat-dress by Epinone she previously wore for her Christmas carol concert in December.

For body language expert Darren Stanton, the color of the dress was especially significant considering the occasion.

"Kate is wearing purple, which is very significant here. It is the color of communication and spirituality. It's clear from this clothing choice she wants William to know she's open, and she's here by his side and always will be," Stanton told the Daily Express US.

Obviously, it wasn't just the outfit that signaled Kate's show of support to her husband: The couple also seemed particularly in sync on the day, and clearly get a whole lot of reassurance from each other during hard times.

"The key thing we can see between Kate and William is that every gesture and every part of their body language is mirrored completely," Stanton continued.

"They have the same posture, their shoulders are back, and their bodies are pointing in the same direction. Their hands are also matching each other's.

"This shows they are in deep rapport with one another and are here for each other emotionally.

"It suggests their bond has never been stronger than it is right now and they're both on the same page in their relationship. It shows complete solidarity between them."

Another sign of how strong their relationship is? The Prince and Princess of Wales can have just as good a time together as they can apart, as they beautifully demonstrated this past weekend by attending separate rugby matches in two cities on opposite sides of France.

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