Scott Disick, Travis Barker and Pete Davidson All Went to Reign's Baseball Game

So are they friends or what??

Scott Disick
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Remember when Scott Disick and Travis Barker apparently couldn't even be in the same room together?

Well, my friends, that's all water under the bridge. Ancient history, if you will.

Now, Kourtney Kardashian's ex and her fiancé are—if not friends—at the very least able to stand being in close proximity to each other.

Gossip account @deuxmoi posted photos from a fan of Barker, Disick AND Pete Davidson all hanging out at Reign (Kourtney and Disick's youngest son's) baseball game. While Barker is in one photo, and Disick and Davidson are in the other, they were present at the same family event, so that's something.

Kravis fan account @kravis4ever reposted @deuxmoi's Story with the caption, "This is going down as one of my favorite posts ... Travis & Scott at Reign’s game!!!! And Pete was there too!!! Love wins!!" So pure :)

While it doesn't look like Barker and Disick are BFFs right now, the latter is apparently super close with Kim Kardashian's boyfriend Pete Davidson (whom he presumably watched his son's game with).

"Scott has gotten the chance to bond with him over these past few months since Pete has been spending a lot of time in LA with Kim," a source told Us Weekly. "Scott is protective of Kim and wants to make sure whoever she’s dating that she’s in good hands."

Disick has apparently "taken a liking" to Davidson and thinks he makes Kim "happy." Others are inclined to agree.

This isn't the first glimpse into the two men's friendship we've been treated to. Another came when Davidson shared a video on Disick's Instagram Story with the caption, "Boyz night was wild"

In the clip, Disick and two other friends of theirs are fast asleep in front of the TV, while Davidson—wide awake—pulls a face at the camera. LOL.

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