Selena Gomez Shared a Meme of Her Shocked Expression as Soccer Superstar Lionel Messi Misses Goal

Love her.

Inter Miami defeated the Los Angeles FC 3-1 during a during a Major League Soccer match at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles.
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Selena Gomez was one of many celebrities to attend a soccer match on Sunday that saw Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi make one of his first ever appearances for Inter Miami against Los Angeles F.C., in L.A.

As ever, Gomez wore her heart on her sleeve while watching the match, and when one of Messi's goal attempts was denied by L.A. goalkeeper John McCarthy, she was caught on camera with her eyes wide and her jaw practically on the floor. Even the commentator noticed, saying, "McCarthy coming up huge, and Selena Gomez can't believe what her eyes just told her."

The official Twitter account for Major League Soccer shared a clip of the cute moment, writing, "Selena Gomez was all of us watching John McCarthy deny Messi!"

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Other celebs present for the sporting event included Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (!!!), Leonardo DiCaprio, LeBron James, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Tom Holland, Toby Maguire, Jason Sudeikis and Tyga. V normal crowd, nothing to see here!

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Anyway, after Gomez found out about the footage of her, she posted a picture of her expression on Instagram Stories with the simple caption, "Mood."

Selena Gomez at LAFC match

(Image credit: Courtesy of Selena Gomez / Instagram)

A social media queen, Gomez isn't new to poking fun at herself online. Less than a month ago, the singer saw that another photo of her—wrapped in a blanket and staring off into the distance—had become a viral meme, and decided to join in on the fun.

The photo was being shared with captions such as, "lana backstage 20 minutes after her set was supposed to begin" and, "Me sitting on my bed for an hour after I’ve showered"

Gomez promptly shared two of her favorite iterations of the meme on her Stories, one of them reading, "horror movie characters sitting in the back of an ambulance after almost dying" and the other, "my mom just sent me this old picture of my abuela when she was still living in mexico, this was taken during a year without rain"

Gotta love her!

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