Taylor Swift Jokes About Her Hair Frizzing in the Singapore Humidity

It's giving self-titled era vibes.

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Singapore
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Once upon a time, Taylor Swift was readily recognizable by her long blonde ringlets.

These days, though, the superstar is far more prone to smoothing out her natural curls—but Singapore, where she's currently performing her Eras Tour, had other plans for her onstage look.

During one of her performances in the Southeast Asian country, a fan video captured Swift joking to the audience, "As you can see, my hair has returned to its factory settings thanks to the humidity here."

She soon added, "I'm not complaining, I like it. But I do want to commend you, because it's very humid and you guys have just turned it up 100 percent all night. You've been dancing, you've been singing at the top of your lungs, and you look so cute. Why am I sweating so much, and I'm looking at you and you all look perfect? It's really—I need to level up."

Level up? Taylor Swift? Is there even a next level for her to get to?! Anyway, moving on.

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If you're unclear what I'm talking about re: Swift's once-upon-a-time curls, see below for a typical picture from her self-titled era circa 2007.

While her hair was clearly heat-styled into tight curls, this is still closer to her natural texture than the hair styles she tends to wear more often these days. (And for the record, I think she looks lovely whether her hair is straight or curly, obviously.)

Singer Taylor Swift poses for a photo with her award for "Breakthrough Video of the Year" in the press room at the 2007 CMT Music Awards at the Curb Event Center at Belmont University April 16, 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee

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Swift has been performing in Singapore since March 2, and will be there until March 9, with Sabrina Carpenter as her opening act. She then has a brief hiatus before returning to the tour in France in early May.

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