Jack Antonoff Divulged That Taylor Swift Wrote "You're Losing Me" in 2021, And Swifties Are ~Losing~ Their Damn Minds

She and Joe Alwyn didn't officially break up until 2023.

Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift attend the 65th GRAMMY Awards at Crypto.com Arena on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California
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There's utter CHAOS in Taylor Swift Land.

As you may or may not know, the singer released her "From the Vault" track "You're Losing Me" on Spotify yesterday to celebrate being named Global Top Artist for 2023 on the streaming platform.

This song is widely believed to be about the breakdown of her relationship with Joe Alwyn, whom she dated for six years until their breakup in April.

But now, Swift's longtime collaborator and friend Jack Antonoff—who worked with her on "You're Losing Me"—has decided to wreak havoc on the internet by divulging in an Instagram Story that Swift had written the track in DECEMBER 2021, AKA over a full year before she and Alwyn officially broke up.

Alongside a photo of Swift wearing brown and eating a lil' snack at a kitchen island, Antonoff wrote, "you're losing me is out today. a very special track from the midnights sessions that's finally steaming! written and recorded at home on 12/5/21 right after taylor ate these raisins"

Taylor Swift "You're Losing Me"

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So, um, yeah. If you're having a hard time understanding what this new information means to people, I'll let the people tell you in their own words.

"I love how Jack Antonoff's post was all 'Yay YLM is out and oh look here's Taylor eating raisins how quirky! Also isnt it crazy how SHE LITERALLY WAS DATING A LOSER AND BROKE UP WITH HIM MENTALLY 2 YEARS BEFORE THEIR ACTUAL BREAK UP AHAHAHA- anyway stream the song!'" tweeted one person.

"jack antonoff hates joe alwyn in the way that only seeing your bff waste her time with some f***ing loser can make you hate a man," commented someone else.

"funniest part of the jack antonoff instagram story that there was absolutely no reason to include the exact date of when they wrote you’re losing me so to say he made an active choice there is an understatement," observed another.

"THE WAY HER WHOLE DISCOGRAPHY FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS HAS CHANGED MEANING. Jack Antonoff the man that you are," wrote another person.

Some fans are now speculating over whether Swift and Alwyn went on a relationship break at some point before their official breakup earlier this year, and otherwise trying to piece together the devastating lyrics in "You're Losing Me" with what we know about their relationship.

Sadly, we may never know the truth, but that won't be stopping Swifties from investigating regardless. Obv.

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