Zendaya and Tom Holland Return for Their Second Renaissance World Tour Show of the Summer—and Nail Beyoncé’s “Mute” Challenge

The couple was also in attendance at the Warsaw, Poland show back in June.

Zendaya and Tom Holland
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Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium on Monday night was basically just a celebrity convention, with what feels like everyone on the A-list in attendance at the final L.A. show of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. Power couple Zendaya and Tom Holland were there, and, People reports, totally nailed the “Mute” challenge at the RWT, a staple in the show’s nearly three-hour setlist.

Tom Holland and Zendaya gaze at each other lovingly

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What is the “Mute” challenge, you ask? While performing the song “Energy” (off of Renaissance, Beyoncé’s most recent album and—you guessed it—the record for which the tour was named), Bey sings “Look around, everybody on mute,” and “puts her hand in the air, after which she and her backup dancers pause and go silent—and the audience is expected to join them,” People reports. “Although it took a few shows for fans to get it down pat, the audience participation challenge is now a highlight of the show.” (You’re welcome to those attending the remaining RWT shows in Vancouver, Seattle, Arlington, Houston, New Orleans, and, finally, Kansas City.)

Zendaya and Tom Holland pose together on a red carpet

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People reports that Zendaya and Holland were clearly aware of the challenge before the show Monday—fan-captured footage “shows the couple pausing, Holland with his finger pointed in the air and Zendaya with her hands covering her face, during the challenge before Beyoncé gave the crowd permission to move by singing the song’s next line: ‘Look around, it’s me and my crew.’”

Tom Holland and Zendaya on the red carpet promoting Spider-Man

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In a TikTok video shared by fellow concertgoer Toshe Phillips we see the pair smiling and jumping around after unfreezing; Phillips wrote that she “got video bombed by the cutest couple.” In addition to the “Mute” challenge, Zendaya and Holland also respected Bey’s wishes for a silver-dressed audience during Virgo season, which runs from August 23 to September 22; the couple not only showed their love for Beyoncé but also for fans, as they were spotted greeting and hugging folks at the show.

This isn’t the first time Zendaya and Holland have caught the RWT, by the way—in addition to the L.A. show, they were at the Warsaw, Poland stop back in June. 

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