'Pitch Perfect 3' Will Probably Be a Thing

They'll be back again, pitches.

Attention, aca-people! Pitch Perfect 3 is probably going to be a thing now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, negotiations have begun with screenwriter Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two movies, to come back for a third. Pitch Perfect 2 has so far made $160.9 million at the box office (and crushed Mad Max: Fury Road on its first weekend in theaters), so you can see why a third installment sounds appealing for the studio.

The third film is now only in development, so it's not clear whether or not people like Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be back as stars or if Elizabeth Banks will return as a director. As THR notes, the older Barden Bellas have graduated, but PP2 fresh face Hailee Steinfeld could potentially become a focus for PP3. In any case, hooray! More a cappella is always a good thing.

Eliza Thompson

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