Watch a Stoned Vanessa Bayer Take Down Bill Hader for Stranding Her in Amsterdam

Funniest Late Night show ever.

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We might have a contact high from watching Bill Hader being interviewed by Seth Meyers on Late Night. The actor told a story about the cast of Trainwreck smoking their way through Amsterdam's weed cafes recently. Long story short: After several stops, they wandered into the red light district. Vanessa Bayer freaked out. And they lost her. But then again, what else would you expect when an all-star cast of coworkers/friends/comedians band together on a European vacation? Mayhem, that's what.

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Out of nowhere (meaning: backstage), Bayer makes a surprise entrance on the show with a suitcase slurring her words in a stoned state of mind presumably chastising Hader for ditching her abroad—we're fuzzy on the actual events because, well, her voice is *somewhat* audible. Joking aside, Bayer definitely stole the spotlight from Hader's guest appearance. Watch her high-as-a-kite monologue and you'll get why:

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