Jon Snow Lives: The 'Game of Thrones' Season Six Teaser Proves It

TOLD YOU. *does jig*

The speculation has been rampant since season five of Game of Thrones closed with a shot of Jon Snow lying in a pool of blood. No one is safe in George R.R. Martin's fantasy series, but Jon Snow? You can't! Damn you! 

But wait! Here he is again, covered in blood in the first teaser for the series, which returns in April. 

The image—in which Snowy looks mighty upright for a dead man—has also been spotted on billboards around New York and Los Angeles. 

Well played, HBO. IN YOUR FACE, ARYA

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Matt Miller

Matt Miller is a Brooklyn-based culture/lifestyle writer and music critic whose work has appeared in Esquire, Forbes, The Denver Post, and documentaries.