Hero Woman Gets Back at Cheating Ex by Spoiling 'Game of Thrones' Every Monday Morning

This is Red Wedding-caliber revenge.

Do not f*ck with this woman. In a now-Reddit post, a man claims that his ex-girlfriend, whom he calls Dany, exacts revenge on him every week by spoiling Game of Thrones.

If that seems harsh, wait until you read about this guy.

They dated for a little over a year but broke up a couple months ago. It was a long-distance relationship. He got jealous over her guy friends and insecure about her sexual history and, like a turd, sought to remedy the situation by sleeping with a former girlfriend.

They broke up. The girlfriend learned of his cheating ways, and he said some hurtful things.

Now here's where the story gets good.

Dany introduced this idiot to Game of Thrones, which he loves. She also blocked him on all forms of communication. On the Monday after Season Six premiered, however, Dany unblocked him and sent him a message: "It was literally just every spoiler from the first episode," the guy wrote.

Since then she spoils the show for me every week. I tried to ask her to stop but she blocks me immediately after she sends the message. I blocked her on whatsap, but she did it via Facebook. Then the next week it was text. She even borrowed one of our mutual friends phones to do it, and I fell for that. (Our mutual friends are all closer to her and apparently hate me now because of what she's told them about me.) I can't watch it before she ruins it [because] I have to wait til my girlfriend (my ex ex) is home from work to watch it with her.

Commenters skewered this guy, saying he deserved it. They also commended the girlfriend for her next-level revenge. And ultimately he removed the post, so there's no telling whether it's even legit. Either way, Dany's move would make any character on Game of Thrones truly proud. And honestly? The guy got off pretty easy.

Here's a screen grab of the guy's full post to Reddit:

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