Game of Thrones: Breaking Down Bran's Quickfire Vision

The Mad King, Lyanna Stark and more...

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Bran may have disappeared for over a season, but, boy, he's making up for it now. With a dose of warging and a splash of time travel, we're finally being treated to some epic flashbacks and revelations.

In the latest episode "Blood of My Blood," we see very very quick flashes of both old and new footage. We're assuming each flash is something that Bran is also learning for the first time. So let's go through each segment:


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After all the tales of just what happened before Robert Baratheon took the throne, we FINALLY got a glimpse of Mad King Aerys Targaryen.

The vision showed the moment Jaime Lannister earned his 'Kingslayer' tag, as Aerys shouts "burn them all!" Jaime then proceeds to stab him in the back and takes a seat on the Iron Throne himself.

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The story goes that Aerys ordered his pyromancer to burn down King's Landing as the Lannisters closed in, and that Jaime's betrayal helped save everyone from burning alive. Ned Stark's version of events about how Jaime killed Aerys to ensure a Lannister-Baratheon victory doesn't appear to be the case, here.


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Aerys wanted to use the magical green fire in order to burn absolutely everything it touched, and hoped to burn the entire city with it.

The vision shows his pyromancer preparing it (this definitely happened), but then we strangely see it firing its way down a cellar, which didn't happen as far as we know.

Maybe this vision is actually from the future–we know that Cersei is quite fond of wildfire and has been collecting it?


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Bran now appears to be aware of Daenerys Targaryen's challenge to the Iron Throne, as he sees the birth of the dragons.

He also sees what appears to be the shadow of Drogon as he flies over King's Landing. Could this be Dany arriving in the city?


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Not only does Bran witness the death of his family members (Ned, Catelyn and Robb), but he also appears to see brand new footage of his aunt Lyanna Stark's passing.

There's a flashback to his father shouting "Where is my sister?" at the Tower of Joy (the same time Bran had seen before), and then a quick shot of a bloody hand. The hand probably belongs to Ned, and the blood is most likely Lyanna's.

If the popular R+L=J fan theory is true (look away, spoiler-avoiders) then Bran may now know that Lyanna died in childbirth while giving birth to his cousin (not half-brother) Jon Snow.


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Bran got treated to exactly what happened at the battle of Hardhome from last season, and how Jon Snow killed a White Walker with the Valyrian steel sword.

He also saw the Night's King resurrect the dead as new wights, and how the White Walkers can make new White Walkers from human infants. All old footage, but now Bran knows a lot more about his nemesis. Avenge Hodor!


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Bran sees a vision of himself falling from the tower from the very first episode. He doesn't remember that it was Jaime that pushed him…until now?

The vision doesn't actually show Jaime push him, so maybe he still has no idea what happened, or maybe that's just the context and he knows full well.

So what does this all mean?

The two biggest themes in all the visions are ice and fire. We see glimpses of dragons and White Walkers, wildfire and Winterfell, Targaryens and Starks. Will it all come down to these two houses? Or maybe it will all be down the one man who shares the blood of both?

Now, let's watch it back:

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