The 'Game of Thrones' Costume Designer Snuck a Surprise Nugget into the Season Finale

There's more to Cersei's crown than meets the eye.

Last weekend's crazy Game of Thrones season finale (opens in new tab) saw a new victor take the Iron Throne (opens in new tab)—and as costume designer Michele Clapton recently told Vulture, there was more to Cersei Lannister's crown than meets the eye (opens in new tab).

"I chose to make it in silver with just wisps of gold to try to show her isolation, her mental disentangling from her family (opens in new tab)," she said. "There is no reference to [her late husband, Robert] Baratheon; there is no need anymore. She doesn't have to try and prove a link. The center of the crown is the lion sigil abstracted—its mane represents the Iron Throne, her desire. She has made it her own—she is reborn (opens in new tab)."

Clapton had previously stated that when Cersei wears more jewelry, it's a sign that she's feeling less confident. This is in stark contrast with her final look, which is essentially barren of any jewelry at all aside from her crown.

"She is dead inside (opens in new tab)," the designer continued. "There can now be a clarity to her desire: power, the throne, on her terms."

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