BOOK REVIEWS: Page Turners


By Julia Glass (Pantheon) It seems only natural that a pragmatic firstborn like Louisa would resent her promiscuous and free-spirited sister, Clem. Wouldn't you? But when Louisa gets breast cancer, the two risk losing the only thing more reliable than their boy-crazy feuds: each other. With her signature lyricism, Glass, a National Book Award winner, seesaws the narration between the sisters over a 25-year span, spinning a sometimes stinging, always affecting tale of siblings who can't quite make it as friends. —Jihan Thompson


By Diane Johnson (Dutton) A sultry case of espionage set in the oasis of Marrakech has novice secret agent Lulu Sawyer finding out not whodunit, but who's funding it—namely, who's bankrolling terrorist groups. Embedded in a wealthy expat community, Lulu is tasked with spying on her lover, his shady guests, even the servants. Johnson, known for her clever takedown of French mores in Le Divorce, sets her sights on the primal conflicts that threaten to upset this teetering city, where politics and religion—and women and men—often clash. —Thea Palad

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