Recasted: Who Belongs in the 2019 Remake of My Best Friend's Wedding

If 'My Best Friend's Wedding' was being rebooted today, Jennifer Lawrence should be the lead role originally played by Rom-Com Queen Julia Roberts.

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For better or worse, Hollywood is really into remakes right now. But instead of viewing this trend as annoying and cynical, what if we really leaned into it and used it as an opportunity to rebuild the classics from scratch, making them even more perfect? It is in that spirit that presents Recasted, which dares to wonder, “Who would we want to see in this iconic film today?” Think of it as Fantasy Football mixed with your annual Oscar Pool.

This time around, we're recasting classic films through the decades as part of our Rom-Com Week special.

What the mid-2000s are to flat ironed bangs, the 1990s were for Romantic Comedies. Riding an almost decade-long stint as rom-com queen, My Best Friend’s Wedding helped further cement Julia Roberts' icon status. With this film, you get a story based on one of the most classic movie friendship trope: WE’RE GETTING MARRIED IF WE’RE BOTH ALONE AND CAN’T AFFORD TINDER PLUS BY AGE 30! which thankfully, is not a thing in real life. What you also get is a great feel-good film that is one of the romantic comedies that made it through without being ripped apart by reviews. Why do film critics hate cheesiness?!

One of my favorite things about My Best Friend’s Wedding is that it doesn’t require you to completely suspend reality. A wedding between two people doesn’t magically just stop because one of the almost-newlyweds is only listed as a Supporting Character. The protagonist here, portrayed by Julia Roberts, doesn’t run off with her man in the end. And her ‘One That Got Away’ isn’t marrying an awful person, but instead, he’s going off with a fleshed out character who you’re actually semi-rooting for (mainly because how can you not root for Cameron Diaz?). Directed by the genius writer behind another classic, Muriel’s Wedding, P.J. Hogan, I feel that these big names that I’m pulling for this recast will probably be down. And worst case, we’ll say a little prayer that they decide to join in the fun.

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Julieanne Porter

Originally: Julia Roberts

Recast: Jennifer Lawrence

It’s kind of weird that Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t joined the world of romantic comedies yet. She loves fun, pizza, and being fun. She’s been out of the spotlight recently, which comes as a shock after the years of JLaw being on the screen, and I feel jumping into a classic romantic comedy like My Best Friend’s Wedding is the perfect way for her to come back into the world and say “yes, I still have an Oscar!” Besides, I feel that honoring Julia Roberts is an almost impossible task, and she’s proven herself to me that she’s up for the challenge. I mean, my approval is all Jennifer Lawrence ever wanted.

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Michael O’Neal

Originally: Dermont Mulroney

Recast: Liam Hemsworth

Can I just say—I truly forgot that Liam and Jennifer have already co-starred as love interests before in The Hunger Games (also what I call 11 AM when I’m at my desk and wondering: when is it too early to go to lunch?). It’s already a known fact that he and Jennifer have amazing chemistry strong enough to make every middle schooler scream, and I feel that when they reunite nothing will have changed. I mean, besides a wedding to Miley Cyrus, but hey, that's why it's called acting, right?!

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Kimberly “Kimmy” Wallace

Originally: Cameron Diaz

Recast: Becca Tobin

My high school theater kid is showing, because I 100% found out about Becca Tobin from Glee. Did I used to record videos of myself lip-syncing their songs and posting them on people’s Facebook walls Yes, okay, but 2009 was a different time. Becca is the perfect Diaz-replacement because of her knack for playing characters that are quick-witted, sassy, but ultimately have a heart of gold—just like Kimmy.

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George Downes

Originally: Rupert Everett

Recast: Dan Levy

Acting as Julieanne Porter’s conscious in the film, George Downes plays the vital role of making us not totally turn on our scheming leading lady. No, literally, they had to change the ending of the movie because people hated her too much. Not only did the original George keep audiences #TeamJules (a team I am always on), but he also is essential for some extra comedic relief — which is exactly why Dan Levy is perfect for the part. I feel that Schitt’s Creek SZN is upon us, with everyone binging it and screaming “WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL OUR LIVES?” and that is without a doubt due in part to the comedic timing, instant likability, and talent of Dan Levy. Plus, he’s also the creator and writer of his show, so maybe he’ll want to rewrite this film while he’s at it, too?


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