Why Does Cam Have a Rose on 'The Bachelorette'?

Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season is also going off with a bang. Not only has she already given her first impression rose, she'd also given a rose previously, so two guys are already off to a major head start on the road to that final rose. Here's everything we know about the two guys.

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Spoilers for the premiere of The Bachelorette

Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season is also going off with a bang (in one case, literally, with "The Box King" jumping out at her and making big package jokes. This season's guys are really dramatic, I can already tell.). Not only has she already given her first impression rose, she'd also given a rose previously, so two guys are already off to a major head start on the road to that final rose. Here's everything we know about the two guys.

Hannah got an advanced look at five guys when she was announced as bachelorette in Colton Underwood's "After the Final Rose Ceremony" from his season of The Bachelor. One of them, Cam—the "dance floor king" from Texas—got an initial rose from Hannah.

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During the premiere, Chris Harrison re-emphasized that Cam already had a rose, so he's probably safe from the axe, at least tonight. Tonight, Cam threw caution to the wind, rapping AND blowing rose petals to Hannah, so he's 100%...leading with confidence.

He also snagged the first kiss, saying that technically it was his second date with Hannah. WHOA.

The second guy is Luke Parker, who's shown up in promos and is thought to be a frontrunner. He's also the dude who literally climbed on a car and roared at her and told her he was "king of the jungle," lol. He's a former football player, obsessed with Crossfit, and Southern like Hannah. He also grabbed her first from the rest of the guys, and told her he was super, super into her. She agreed—their chemistry is hawt.

I'm sensing a theme—the more over the top the better, I think, is the key to standing out right away for Hannahbama. 

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