'The Bachelorette' Contestant Luke Parker Said He’s Falling In Love in Episode 2—and People Lost It

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Spoilers for The Bachelorette episode 2.

Welp, Hannah Brown asked for the bachelors to be bold, and one bachelor really brought it: The winner of the first group date's Mr. Right contest/pageant, Luke Parker, took the microphone during the talent portion of the competition and told Hannah he was legitimately "falling in love" with her. Is that a record?? (Also, is that a talent, telling someone that you love them?) That has to be one of the earliest declarations ever, and it shocked even Hannah. In a quick one-on-one afterwards, "It scares me," she admitted to him. "Words are so important to me." Luke said he started developing feelings before he met her (according to his relatives, this is true) and that their connection was so strong. He said he was worried, too, but he couldn't hide it—and Hannah was into it. The other bachelors were not convinced...and the Twitter reactions were spectacular.

Luke P., happy overeager Pixar puppy? Yes!

WOW, you after after marriage for reals, Luke:

Slow down, buddy, we are still in the early days:

Miss J absolutely spoke for everyone in the audience and at home:

Ever bachelor's response (and every viewer's):

And yet still didn't get the first impression rose?? His plan majorly backfired.

Hannah, no, what are you doing??

A little Game of Thrones in there, just for fun:

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