This Fan Theory Says Bran and the Night King Might Share One Important Power

Those ice spears weren't a lucky coincidence.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6, "Beyond the Wall."

From zombie polar bears to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen's blossoming romanceSunday's episode of Game of Thrones gave fans all the action they could've asked for and more. But with so much going on in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms, there's one very important character who deserves a little more attention: the Night King. Specifically, his correlation to Bran Stark.


There's not much we know about the head of the White Walkers, which leads fans to speculate about who he is and how he got so powerful. Several fans have already come up with theory that the Night King is actually Bran Stark in another form. This admittedly seems a little far-fetched, but a new, more believable theory from Reddit user Damisu states the Night King has visions of the future in the same way as Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven. Damisu thinks the White Walkers were a little too prepared for the battle Beyond the Wall, and perhaps the Night King has "icesight" the way Bran and the Children of the Forest have "greensight":

"They intentionally brought only ice javelins because they knew the dragons would be there, and they wanted one. He knew they would be there and came prepared, as he has greensight - as we see in S6, other greenseers can interact with Bran in his vision (Bloodraven repeatedly makes physical contact with Bran in their visions). This is exactly what the NK [Night King] does to mark Bran - shares the vision and interacts with him. So he has greensight (icesight?)."

In Season 6, Lord Bloodraven can be seen making contact with Bran in his visions, revealing that other greenseers can interact with Bran when he's having a vision. In "The Door," Bran is seen walking through an army of White Walkers, who presumably can't see him because he's in a vision. But as he approaches the Night King, Bran realizes the leader of the White Walkers can see him. He even grabs Bran, leaving a mark on his arm. Damisu says this could be due to the Night King's "icesight," which may have come from his creation by the Children with dragonglass.

If the Night King does know as much about the future as Bran, it could give him a huge advantage against Jon and Daenerys as they attempt to take him down. And, of course, if the Bran-is-the-Night-King theory proves true, it makes sense that both have these omniscient visions.

As Damisu points out, it is suspicious that the White Walkers came equipped with what look to be ice javelins—perfect for taking down large dragons in the air—instead of using their typical ice blades. Even though we don't know why the ice javelin was able to take down Viserion when Bronn's attempt to kill Drogon with a giant arrow was unsuccessful, the Night King certainly seemed like he knew what he was doing when he hurled that spear into the air.

Given that much isn't known about the White Walkers' history or their abilities, it's completely possible the Night King—the oldest and most powerful of them all—has vision equally powerful or even greater than Bran's, and he used those powers to predict when Daenerys and her dragons would approach the Wall. Depending on how long he's known about their attack, he and his army of White Walkers had plenty of time to create the perfect dragon-killing weapon.

Now that the Night King has apparently turned Viserion into his very own ice dragon, one of Daenerys' children is likely working against her. Up to this point, ice dragons were essentially a myth in the Thrones world, with no one knowing if they actually existed in the past or what powers they possessed. Viserion could be a mythical ice dragon or merely a dragon zombie, but either way, his allegiance has likely shifted to the Night King's side.

Whether it was a vision or just incredible preparation on his part, the Night King did not come to this war to lose. Now that one of her dragons is on the opposing side, the Mother of Dragons and Jon Snow have more to worry about than they thought.

Watch the trailer for the Season 7 finale, "The Dragon and the Wolf," below.

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