Who Is Alexis Thind on 'The Bachelor'?

Imagine everything they'd have to talk about!

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Potential spoilers for The Bachelor. Let the speculation begin! Peter Weber's Bachelor season has already brought us a few pageant winners, a couple flight attendants, a drama-filled divorcee, and someone who's connected with Weber off the show. But one of the coolest bachelorettes, with one of the most interesting stories I've seen in a long while, is Alexis Thind. She's Canadian (which is a little unusual for the show), and a pilot, which means she can connect with Weber in more than one way. She's the only female pilot on this season, which hopefully bodes well for setting her apart from the other contestants as the season progresses. So what do we know about Thind?

She went to the University of British Columbia.

Thind is from Whistler, British Columbia and is one of two contestants from British Columbia. While she was at UBC, Thind was a competitive rower. Her family lived in Canada for a while—her dad used to fly for Royal Canadian Air Force and Air Canada.

She's a pilot.

There are two flight attendants on Weber's season, but Thind is the only female pilot. I hope we get to see her intro package, because it sounds like an adorable story. Thind's dad, Boeing 787 Captain Manjeet Thind, was a pilot and her inspiration. When he was diagnosed with brain cancer he built a flight simulator to teach her how to fly. Before he died, she promised she would follow in his footsteps (sob). ""He was an incredible pilot and person. He was all about giving back," she says.

Thind was cleared to fly earlier in 2019, and "began working with Hope Air, a charity that provides free flights for patients living in remote communities with limited access to medical care." She also encourage other girls and women to become pilots (awww). She's working on getting her commercial pilot's license now.

She wasn't in the first group date.

Pics here, but I'm not seeing Alexis in the pics of the first group date (it's not all the women, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything). She's not confirmed for the second group date either, but it's not known exactly who was there. I hope she didn't dress up as an airplane and get eliminated??

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I know it's so so early, but I kind of like this one—keeping my fingers crossed. Two pilots jetting around the world together (hopefully working to bring sustainability to aviation in the process—which is always a dream of mine)? Yes, please!

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