Wait, Is Amelia Shepherd Actually Pregnant on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

In the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy, Amelia Shepherd managed to out-drama every single other character with the news she might be pregnant. So, is she?

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" - Season Fifteen
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Spoilers for season 16 of Grey's Anatomy ahead. Oh, Amelia Shepherd. In the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy, she somehow managed to out-drama every single other character—which is really saying something, given how crazy the show is. It's been a wild ride for the former addict, top surgeon, former wife of fellow doctor Owen, maybe-sexually fluid character (played by Caterina Scorsone) throughout the show—and now, on top of all that, she's discovered she may be pregnant, potentially with her very casual boyfriend Link. Whoops, and also kind of amazing. So is she actually pregnant? And what happens now?

After Amelia's long, complicated dating history, she wasn't ready to rush into anything yet. This despite the fact that they have crazy chemistry and clearly like each other (and not just in the pheromone kind of way):

So they've been getting to know each other slowly, and one of their conversations is about threesomes. Link's a huge fan, and Amelia's intrigued. 

There's a really good chance she's pregnant.

Obviously, it's not confirmed yet, but in typical Amelia fashion, she discovers she might be pregnant after totally asking Carina for a threesome. Carina not-so-delicately points out Amelia's weight gain and changes in her body, which Amelia mistakes as a flirtatious advance (GAH).

Here's the video, in all its hilarious, awkward glory:

So it's interesting—see how ABC titles the video, "Amelia Shepherd Realizes She's Pregnant"? Yea, that's probably a spoiler. If there was some doubt, they'd equivocate there a bit: "might be pregnant" or "could be expecting." I'm pretty sure the show's clear on what's going on (lol, if that was an accident).

This wouldn't be Amelia's first pregnancy, if you remember—her first baby, conceived with fellow addict Ryan before he died from an overdose, was born anencephalic (with no brain), and she donated his organs.

Here's why that might be awkward.

Oh, you know. Her ex husband, Owen, just had a baby with HIS ex Teddy, thanks to a one night stand that has now totally turned romantic. Now they're trying to have a relationship and deciding to move in together. Casual!

Soooo Amelia, if she decides to stay pregnant, will be entering into this very weird love rectangle, with a second baby entering the mix as she tries to work with her ex and develop a new relationship with Link. God knows with this show, but I am assuming, for now, that the baby is Link's? As crazy as things are right now...it's about to get a whole bunch messier.

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