Is Guinevere Beck in ‘You’ Season 2?

In season one of Netflix's 'You,' Guinevere Beck met a grisly end. But we didn't see her death onscreen, meaning... could she come back for season two?

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Spoilers for You season 2 ahead, and trigger warning: violence against women. In one of the most harrowing twists of You season one, Joe Goldberg's obsession with Guinevere Beck won't allow anything or anyone get in his way. Turns out, that also includes Beck. Once she discovers that he's a killer, he imprisons her and ultimately murders her when she tries to escape (off-screen, so there's a little bit of ambiguity). Fans were left to wonder: Was Beck really gone? Would she show up in season 2? What really happened? Welp, season 2 definitively answers that question for us. 

Yes, Beck is dead.

I mean, we definitely saw a wrapped-up body Joe was hiding in Dr. Nicky's yard, which was later discovered by the cops, in season one. So it seemed pretty likely that Beck was gone. But there were theories that maybe it wasn't really her, and that she might show up in season two. After all, Candace did, right? But nope, it's clear that Beck is dead—because of the way she appears in season two.

She shows up in a vision to Joe.

Beck continues to haunt Joe while he's trying to form a relationship with his newest obsession—the aptly named Love—while hiding out in L.A.

As their connection deepens, Ghost Beck shows up, with some nasty bruises around her throat. "Look at what you did to me," she tells him. So now we have confirmation of exactly how Joe killed her—by strangling her to death in the basement of the bookstore. Ugh.

Joe feels remorse, and in his vision, he apologizes for what he's done. Ghost Beck reminds him of what he's capable of. Their "conversation" makes him go back to Love to tell her a much-curtailed version of the truth: He hurt his ex, and so he's not ready to be in a relationship. (Sure, that's what happened.) Love tells him that they're both adults and going into this new relationship with eyes open...although whether that's really true, at least for her, doesn't seem likely. What will happen to the couple? You'll just have to watch!

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